Tekken Main Story | pre-Tekken to Tekken 5 (Chronological edit)

Tekken Main Story | pre-Tekken to Tekken 5 (Chronological edit)

In this video i have put together some of the most important incidents that happens in the main Tekken canon story line in chronological order from the incidents that occured long before Tekken 1 leading up to Tekken 5. This video is compiled and easy to watch like a short movie that lasts for under 30 minutes.

I took the artistic freedom to use a few “non-canon” clips while the main story being told should remain accurate after been doing a lot of research and been taking a deep dive into the story and the lore of the Tekken universe, and as a long time fan of the Tekken series i think i got it pretty accurate.

The non canon clips are from the spin-off Tekken titles TTT1 and TTT2 for Kazuya, Jun and Jin and a picture of Jinpachi used in the thumbnail cover art, and also two T7 in-game clips.

I simply used these video footages to have a higher quality representation of these incidents and characters, especially for the two very important original tekken characters Kazuya and Jun which only exists in low resolution/low graphics format from this time period when looking at the original Tekken 1-2 footages.

I also used higher quality TTT2 non-canon footage of T3-Jin by the end of the Tekken 3 chapter in this video when he launges up out of earths orbit after smashing Heihachi to the ground. This non-canon TTT2 clip is from this exact time line so it fits perfectly in this scene and was most likely what the developers had in mind here of what might have happened to Jin after this incident with Heihachi which he, Jin himself had no recollection of what happened afterwards.

In a few of the Jinpachi clips towards the end of this video i also included a few non canon clips. One of these are actually Jinpachi’s T5 ending and not Heihachi’s ending, i used Jinpachi’s ending simply because it matched the situation better in how i visually wanted to portray the story with the narrative while Jin talks about what happened to Jinpachi 50 years earlier.

Both Jinpachi’s and Heihachi’s endings are somewhat very similar so it does not stray far off from how the scene was originally intended. One thing that i havn’t seen any footage of is what happens to Jinpachi after Heihachi beats him. According to the lore, Jinpachi starvs to death while he is imprisoned beneath Hon-Maru.

In one of the last clips when Wang has a conversation with his long lost friend Jinpachi (in Demon form) in Tekken 5 after Jinpachi got beaten by Jin, this Wang-ending is not confirmed to be 100% canon but the relationship between these two is such an important part of Tekken that i choose to use this specific clip, just for the record, it kinda is canon and i think most people will agree on this including the writers and the artists who created this segment.

Btw most of the cut scenes from TTT1 and TTT2 used in this video are 100% related to the canon story lines from the main numerical Tekken games such as the clip when Jin is badly wounded by the arena or in the streets somewhere close by before he was supposed to face Kazuya in the semi finals of Tekken 4, in this time line, this is when he is captured by Heihachi’s men and taken to Hon-Maru before Heihachi and Kazuya arrives there later on.

I will make one more video like this from Tekken 6 to Tekken 8 when T8 releases or whatever the next canon Tekken game will be after Tekken 7.

Thanks for watching and supporting this Tekken channel. Catch you on the next one. Peace!