TEKKEN 8™: JIN vs KAZUYA: The Final Devil Fight

TEKKEN 8™: JIN vs KAZUYA: The Final Devil Fight

JIN and KAZUYA fight for the FINAL time! Both having the vast power of the Devil gene and outstanding abilities in karate, which one of them will be the one left standing? I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did while preparing it. If so, please like, comment and subscribe.

Here are the links to some additional mods used for this video:
1. “TITAN” Devil Moveset Mod:

2. Devil Jin Ultimate Laser Beam Mod:

3. Devil Jin Costume Mod:

4. Shin Akuma Purple Aura Mod

5. Stage Mod: The stage is a hybrid of these 2 mods:

6. Jun Kazama Mod

7. Tekken 6 HUD Mod:

8. No Announcer Mod:

Also, special thanks to Kilo for the Moveset Extractor Tool:

In addition, you can watch the tutorial to use the camera tool (which is quite difficult to master), from the following link:

Background Soundtracks:
1. “Tekken 5: Moonlit Wilderness”
2. “Tekken 2: Emotionless Passion”
3. “Tekken 2: Be in the Mirror”
4. “Tekken 7: Desperate Struggle”:

Additional Soundtracks used in the Intro and Outro:
1. “Tekken 7: Conceal Within the Heart”
2. “Tekken 7: Destiny”

All credit goes to Bandai Namco for Tekken, and any resemblance or similarity with unannounced or unreleased content for Tekken gameplay is purely coincidental.