Tekken 5 DR PS2 vs PS3 Difference All stages Comparison and OST

Tekken 5 DR PS2 vs PS3 Difference All stages Comparison and OST

Let’s see Tekken PS3 vs PS2 vs PS3! – View the playlist below!

Well, Tekken 5 was first released on the arcade back in 2004 followed by a PS2 release the year after. As time went by Tekken 5 was the first game in the series to receive updates and the major one was Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection in late 2005 arcade then for PS3 year later, but this time the game was remastered in full HD for the Playstation 3 containing all stages from Tekken 5 on PS2

This video was made to show the differences between the PS2 and the PS3, it is just fascinating to see the visual comparison as the PS2 version is showing a 480p vs a 1080p resolution output, for the PS3 version the textures and for the stages and character was refurbished for the high definition.

In this video, the footage is shown from PS3 to PS2 then back to PS3 to really get an insight into the game’s upgraded visually. (I know Tekken 5 PS2 was not in wide-screen originally, but this was done in order to make the visual transition much clearer.)

NOTE: This video content is captured from the original PS2 system and PS3 systems. No emulations were used.

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Shotcut list:
00:51 Hell’s Gate (Ka-En-No-Mai)
01:37 Dragon’s Nest (Those Who Go To Heaven)
02:19 Hell’s Gate (Ka-En-No-Mai)
03:02 Pirate’s Cove (Gold Rush)
03:45 Cathedral (Antares)
04:27 Waterfall (Formless Like Water)
05:11 Polar Paradise (Frozen Paradise)
05:45 Urban Jungle (Unforgiven)
06:22 Acid Rain (Streets; Street Wise in Story Mode)
07:02 Final Frontier (Orbital Move)
07:43 Poolside (Poolside)
08:26 Moonlit Wilderness (Moonlit Wilderness)
09:06 City at Sunset (Crimson Sunset)
09:57 Burning Temple (Red Hot Fist)
10:40 Final Stage (The Finalizer)
11:41 Final Stage 2, or Ground Zero (Ground Zero Funk) [ONLY in PS2 and PSP]