Tekken 5 Devil Within – All Evil Symbols Guide

Tekken 5 Devil Within – All Evil Symbols Guide

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to get all evil symbols in Tekken 5 Devil Within. There are 8 evil symbols in each stage, and there are 5 stages, making it a total of 40 evil symbols in the game. They are scattered around the levels on each stage. Each evil symbol you collect, it’ll be exchanged into expensive items so you don’t have to buy them using your fight money you earned.
NOTE : These collectibles are only available once you have completed Devil Within for the first time. The easiest way to tell whether you have completed Devil Within once or not is by looking at the “Stage Select” option in Devil Within menu. If it doesn’t appear, that means you haven’t completed Devil Within yet.
NOTE 2 : In order to get the rewards from collected evil symbols, you must defeat the stage boss at the end of the stage, you can’t just get an evil symbol and exit from the stage afterwards.
NOTE 3 : Since there’s no full map, just follow what I do, and you should get an evil symbol.
Lastly, if you just want to find a particular evil symbol, you can go to a certain part of the video on the timestamp down below.

0:00 Stage 1 evil symbols
1:26 Stage 2 evil symbols
3:59 Stage 3 evil symbols
6:43 Stage 4 evil symbols
8:59 Stage 5 evil symbols
12:25 Stage 1 rewards
12:47 Stage 2 rewards
13:10 Stage 3 rewards
13:32 Stage 4 rewards
13:55 Stage 5 rewards

I would like to thank CJ800 from gamefaqs.gamespot.com for making this video possible. Without him and his Devil Within guide, this video would not have been possible to make.
Link to his Devil Within guide :

If you guys have trouble in finding an evil symbol, just leave in the comments, and maybe I can help you.

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