#298 Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection PS3 \ Ghost Battle: deluxe hidden xtra costumes?? Raven Asuka Feng

#298 Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection PS3 \ Ghost Battle: deluxe hidden xtra costumes?? Raven Asuka Feng

Trying out more characters in Ghost Battle mode of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3! Going in order along the character select screen, this time I hit Raven, Asuka Kazama, and Feng Wei–and found that some characters have extra, possibly pretty weird, costumes:

0:00 – start
0:41 – Ghost Battle w/… Raven
37:08 – Asuka
53:08 – Feng Wei
1:19:58 – Raven extra costume revisited
1:26:52 – wrap-up & what’s next!

Still finding variants of stages I haven’t seen before! 😀 Like the sweet, vast habitated part of the torus space station (31’00), the eye-of-the-storm wasteland (24’30), Antarctica in daytime (23’31), and a non-Halloween garden (19’51) (that one has that icky blur filter though).

Ach I forgot, you can get the current character’s name by pulling up their command list from the pause screen–it lists their name at the top. That would have been useful. : P

My fave costumes:
– Raven: [ ]
– Asuka: O
– Feng Wei: X

This FAQ lists costumes

According to the FAQ, *most* characters have just two costumes:

Costume 1: select w/ [ ] or /
Costume 2: select w/ X or O

The exceptions (extra costumes) listed in the FAQ and cheats are:

Anna: /
Asuka: /, O
Bruce: /
Ganryu: /
Jin: /
Jinpachi: /
Lee: /
Ling: /, O, R1+R2+Start
Marshall: /
Raven: /
Yoshimitsu: /


Man there are some clunky things about the user interface/experience with Ghost Battle, like not being able to see character names or costumes, no quick way to see what you have equipped, and not being able to back out of selection on the character select screen–and especially, being matched up against a mid-level character to begin with, even if you’re a rank beginner! (And while you can pick a lower-level opponent if you win, you can’t if you lose!! : o)

I talk for a bit in the episode about how Namco did a good job balancing the audio in the game, and in earlier Tekken games I’ve played recently (1 and 2), but I’m noticing now that the music in certain stages–rooftop stage w/ neon sign next to it, for instance–is definitely more hard-driving than in others, and thus better at drowning out added microphone commentary, so I’ll have to try to take that into account a little better next time. :p